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Make HQ Dorks Get HQ Databases.pdf

1- Choose your target (Amazon in my case)2- Create targeted keyword + (X) Word3- Then reverse it to (X) word + targeted keyword4- Examples : amazon Product Product amazon amazon ?item ?item amazon amazon customers customers amazon amazon shop shop amazon amazon client client amazon amazon laptop laptop amazon amazon AWS AWS amazon5- So that when we create amazon dorks we are sure that our dumped combos are 100% for Amazon & of course there can be more accounts for other things like steaming & gaming ... but we will get amazon accounts & thats what we need exactly.6- Lets analyze why this method is 100% working. Lets take those 2 dorks as example

Make HQ dorks get HQ databases.pdf

On this stage, you need to know that the page parameter, is of second importance in Dorks, cause when you are tryingto create a gaming dorks for example, you need to clean & filter your parameters, by choosing only those that haveRelation with your target.

Used to specify the search on a specific country, means search urls from (X) country & not from the wholeworld.To do that just use the operator Site: (X) Domainwhen (X) is the domain of the country.Examples :Site: De GermanySite: Fr FrenchSite: Pl PolandSite: Br BresilSite: it ItalySite: Ru RussiaSite: co EnglandSite: Uk UkrainEvery country has a specific Domain, so follow me now & lets see how we can make Advanced Dorks using ,Functions & Domains to specify our search. I will use the same Basic Dorks we Did create In Basic Dorks Part.

Expert dorks are the most useful combinations that the most of skilled dorkers are using to get HQ databases,the complicated thing here is the different ways that you can use on making them, but if you followed therules, you will be able to create any combination for any target. So lets start, follow me please.

The Cover Art Archive is a joint project between the Internet Archive and MusicBrainz, whose goal is to make cover art images on the Internet. As of April 2021,[update] this collection contains more than 1,400,000 items.[140]

* Small garden, maintained by landlord, with sweet plants. A lavender bush makes the porch smell nice. Grapevine along the railing. A persimmon tree (Fuyu, the good kind) that is a delight for the two weeks of the year that persimmons are in season.

What is it about rationalists that makes them willing to trust obvious villains so long as they phrase their villainy in the form of a logic puzzle? I suppose it is only to be expected, from a crowd that insists on the inherent fairness of game show hosts, but come on.

In short, I can see why the three course meal makes a lot of sense even though sometimes I pick up a menu and would love to pick out a salad and a soup and an appetizer and an entree and the cheese plate and dessert.

Incidentally, that Gold Special Edition VHS box set are the only way my sister and i have watched Star Wars. They were 4:3 ratio, English voice track with Spanish subtitles. Got them as a gift Christmas 1997 i believe, which would make it 20 years ago this Christmas. We probably watched Jedi more often than Hope and Empire put together because i was scared of the burnt-out homestead scene and she was scared of Dagobah. Pictures of the box sets, i remember they smelled weird: -content/uploads/sites/6/2015/11/SEtrilogy-boxed.jpg -content/uploads/sites/6/2015/11/SEtrilogy-tapes.jpg

The Star Trek hard reboot has picked up a lot of new fans because it tells stories in a way expected by modern audiences (basically it copies Star Wars), but it lost many the old fans by straying too far from what they see as the ethos of Trek (JJ Abrams literally said that he never understood Star Trek, and wanted to make a non-Trek movie).

The Star Trek hard reboot has picked up a lot of new fans because it tells stories in a way expected by modern audiences (basically it copies Star Wars), but it lost many the old fans by straying too far from what they see as the ethos of Trek (JJ Abrams literally said that he never understood Star Trek, and wanted to make a non-Trek movie).

I do agree with onyomi though, that attack of the clones is even worse than phantom menace. Menace has a few bright spots between the nonsense, and you can edit it to make a semi-decent film. Not possible with Clones, which has bland characters, a nonsensical plot, and awful stilted dialogue.

The only good part of TFA is Han Solo, with Kylo Ren redeemable depending on how he develops in future movies. I hope Ramsay Bolton makes a surprise cameo in The Last Jedi and goes all flayed man on Rey and Finn, who annoy me almost as much as Child Anakin.

Well the protagonist of the movie is the stand-in for the audience, so fine, all your favorite heroes from the original movies that you loved so much inexplicably like you (Rey) and want you around and Han Solo offers you a job on the Millennium Falcon that you turn down because you want to get back to your desert hovel but then stuff blows up which forces everybody on to the next action scene before anyone can make decisions of consequence.

So now anyone who is force sensitive is persecuted and in hiding, so Rey is on the planet, hiding out to escape notice (same reason Luke is in hiding), and there are very good reasons why the First Order would be interested in her, and why she would be against the First Order. Ren joins with the First Order to hunt other force users to make up for the complete ruin his family has wrought.

Next, consider the specie flow mechanism applied to a fiat currency, which is how the equilibrium is maintained. If, on net, money flows out of a state, prices in that state will fall, which makes goods in that state more attractive to people elsewhere, goods elsewhere less attractive to people in that state, which stops the flow.

In such an environment collective wage reductions by a certain percentage is not very doable. The equilibrium is sticky, so people who like it have a strong motivation so prevent it moving at all. Even if they agree that it is reasonable to shift the equilibrium 3 percent down, once they assent to any shift, this will make it far easier to shift it 10 percent down. In such an environment, unions often fight very hard to give their people a better deal compared to other workers (who are part of another union) and strongly resist most change as coercive levers work better when used infrequently.

@Aapje. I suppose I do over-state how often an average person crosses borders. But I wonder if currency differences helps discourage such travel. I live in the state of Minnesota, but I own part of a cabin about 45 minutes away in the state of Wisconsin. I think little of going to the cabin, but I wonder if I would think twice if I needed to use a different currency over there. Even if I used my debit card somewhat transparently for both currencies, I would need to make constant calculations between currencies to understand how much I was paying (and also to understand my bank statement each month).

Yes, I am starting to think this. The strength of Germany vs France seems to be more how business is conducted in each country on a practical basis, and not on the laws per se. I can imagine having more active and combative unions, as Bjorn mentions, would tend to make the economy weaker. Another stereotype in my head about the two countries is that elite Germans are more likely to work in Engineering, whereas the French elite go into politics. If this is true, that would also benefit the German economy. IT might be things like that, not the laws of each country, that have the most effect.

The COVID-19 Forecasting Project at the University of Oxford is making advanced pandemic simulations of 150+ countries available to the public, and also offer pro-bono forecasting services to decision-makers. 041b061a72


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